Binocular Room, a different way of looking.

We are communication and marketing CONSULTANTS. Our vocation is to look beyond the immediate needs of your business. We not only see … we are EXPERTS IN LOOKING, in providing a GLOBAL STRATEGIC VISION to your brand and helping you develop your business.


Our mothers have been asking us what we do for years and we still haven’t got them to understand it.

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How we face the projects

We are committed to the client.

We are committed to accompany our client leading the strategic path, putting all the dedication in our client, seeking innovation to always be ahead, always with total transparency, enthusiasm and professionalism and showing proactivity for the projects.

The team behind Binocular

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About us?

Talking about yourself always costs. We will tell you what we like. We like commitment, doing things well, giving more than they ask us … And above all, we like to get along, we appreciate beauty, a good story delights us, and above all, we try to surround them with good people .. Good people are welcome to Binocular!

Opinion of us

Binocular is pure strategy, service, method and creativity in the face of problems. They are a 10 in a world where care for details is the differentiation between very similar value propositions.

Pedro Martínez Vega
Marketing Director, Pacha Group (2017-2019)

Working with binocular has been, for three years, a stimulating challenge. They challenge the projects, challenge the conventions and seek excellence in their work to contribute to the business, which in the end is what really matters.

Javier Tor
Marketing Director, OD Group (2017-2019)
Currently Commercial and Marketing Consultant for hotel groups

We selected Binocular Room for its involvement from the zero minute in the Crosscall launch project in Spain. From the beginning they showed great professionalism making and sharing an exhaustive analysis of our market to help us position the brand in the best way and with the most pragmatic and efficient action plan.

In this first year of collaboration they have offered all their flexibility to adapt to the strategic needs of the company. After a year of collaboration, the results have exceeded expectations. In addition, the Binocular Room team always goes one step further, helping not only in the communication and promotion of the brand and products but also looking for commercial opportunities.

María Jesús Tamayo
Country Manager, CrossCall Iberia

The most important thing is that they understand our business, our needs and share our goals. They have become my team for the Spanish market and I place all my trust in them. They work without thinking that they are a supplier, they are a strategic partner, and for me, the extension of my team. Creative, dynamic, proactive. I am happy to work with them.

Benjamin West
International Marketing and Communitacion Director, Experimental Group

It has been a success to have Binocular Room, both for its strategic and tactical contribution, demonstrating not only consumer knowledge but also the functioning of the different channels. This experience was crucial to develop a set of plans and actions that are showing very good results, combining in a single proposal client objectives (OIVE), channel and consumer interests.

The treatment and understanding with the Binocular team makes everyday life very easy. People with maximum involvement in everything they do always looking for optimal options that respond to customer needs.

Coro Ramos
Marketing director, OIVE

Binocular Room has worked for the past 5 years for Mora-Figueroa Domecq, offering strategic advisory and marketing services for the creation of 4 beverage brands, its launch in the Spanish market and with an international expansion vocation.

Binocular Room accompanied us and advised from a strategic point of view from the conceptualization to the landing of the projects and its launch plan, a 360º service.

Horacio Querol
Managing Director, Mora-Figueroa Domecq

Let’s transform your brand into a differential competitive advantage #BeBinocular