Brand value, PACHA Ibiza

The starting point

Pacha, world leader in nightlife and emblem brand of the Pacha Group embarks on a new stage.

The briefing

With 50 years of life the emblematic brand of cherries faces a new stage in a very competitive context. We need to highlight the values ​​of the brand, make it shine more than the rest and above all, position its parties as a reference of fun for different targets.

The idea

  • Position the figure of its new CEO as the international entertainment guru
  • Build a story telling, an imaginary and experiences linked to each of the Parties. All of them very different from each other and focused on very heterogeneous audiences.
  • Unleash an aspect that until now had not stood out in terms of communication, Gastronomy.
  • Through the development of a national and international communication plan (Spain Usa and UK focus) we generate qualitative content in the most TOP media in all categories (lifestyle, general press, TVs, …).


  • 557 totale news s published in media won (May- Agost)
  • 100% of them positive and favorable to and to the brand
  • 110,556,714 of audience
  • 6,987,342 € PR value