Launch Energizer Eco-Advanced

Start point

The launch of Eco Advanced Energizer becomes a milestone for the brand and the market. It is pleasing from the first “Eco” market stack.

The briefing

Reach the target (mainly women with children, but we also want to reach a more varied target). Through traditional means we will generate quality impacts and build the need to consume a new product with greater awareness and the same quality.

The idea

Through the link to the world of fashion and trends, a relevant environment for the consumer, we link the campaign to Moises Nieto, a young and renowned fashion designer recently awarded the prestigious WON award from VOGUE.

In addition, the launch will be directly related to the Sustainable Life NGO, an organization that Energizer will support over the next two years to reforest natural parks in Spain through a PDV campaign and promotional actions in supermarkets, hypermarkets and Large surfaces throughout Spain.

In addition, in the launching of this campaign we involve the heads of purchase of the large national distribution chains (ECI; Carrefour …) in order to involve them and involve them in it.


  • More than 109 press clipping on TV, lifestyle magazines, newspapers, economic, etc.
  • Total Value Communication 1,973,679 €
  • Audience impacted: 47.7280 PEOPLE