Openings in Menorca, Venice and Verbier

The starting point

EXPERIMENTAL GROUP was born by the illusion of 3 childhood friends who in 2007 opened their first cocktail bar and have already conquered half-world cities with a total of 5 hotels, 6 restaurants and 4 cocktail bars and wine bars under their Experimental label. They face the opening of their first hotel in Spain and Italy and there is no knowledge of the group in the Spanish market. They need to start appearing in the media.

The briefing

After 12 years of successful international public influx, they are aware of the lack of recognition and impact on the media. They ask us to help them generate qualitative content and impact in the media in order to position the group and announce their upcoming openings.

The idea

We focus the strategy of the plan on 3 fundamental aspects:

  • Experimental Seal Bring the experience to our target. It is the only way to discover how small details make a difference.
  • Segmentation. Approach only to the media and KOL TOP.
  • Business conceptualization. We focus on the three strategic communication areas of the Brand.
    • Design: from the hand of the renowned interior designer.
    • Food and Beverage: precursors of artisan cocktails and local cuisine.
    • Hotels: they become the new place to be of each city.

Through the development of a national communication plan we generate qualitative content in the most TOP media in all categories (lifestyle, general press, local, …).


  • 57 total news published in won media (May-Oct)
  • 100% of them positive and favorable to and to the brand
  • 8,827,142 of audience
  • 1,049,852 € PR value