Chateemos - OIVE

Consumption strategy

The starting point

The OIVE is the interprofessional organization of wine in Spain whose objective is to promote the consumption of wine in Spain.

The briefing

By means of activation, it is possible to encourage the consumption of wine in Spain and unlock its potential for daily enjoyment in both Hospitality and Food.

The idea

Hotel activation plan with two clear objectives: Normalize wine consumption and increase the frequency of consumption.

  • Creation of the creative concept Let’s chat
  • Activation experiences in HORECA and Food channel


  • Activation plan at the point of sale:
    • Visibility materials for the premises
    • Formations to the hotelier and his employees on the world of wine
  • Consumer: Activations to the consumer through hostess command with direct gift for consumption.


  • Visibility Plan of the Chat concept
  • Promo of wine glasses gift pack

Development and compliance of KPIs


  • Capture of + 700 stores of Hospitality
  • Activation with commands in 100% of the local
  • Increase in wine consumption + 2.5%
  • Score of 9/10 in the quality of the training received