Communication strategy in Spain

The starting point

Crosscall is the leading brand in outdoor technology. With its large portfolio of products for people with an active lifestyle and professionals, Crosscall communication was focused on a very niche sector and it was necessary to reach new territories. They need to start appearing on the papers.

The briefing

After 10 years of success in the international market they are aware of the zero recognition and impact on the media. They ask us to help them generate content and qualitative impact in the media in order to generate greater Brand awareness.

The idea

We focus the strategy of the plan on 5 fundamental aspects:

  • Personal meetings: present the brand and the product together with the director of Iberia
  • Tests. Have the product tested at our target. It is the only way to discover its main strengths.
  • Program ofinfluencers: Selection of KOI as brand ambassadors
  • Segmentation. Approach only to the media and KOL TOP
  • Business conceptualization. We focus on the two strategic communication sectors that the Brand wants to target: B2C and B2B.

Through the development of a national and international communication plan (Spain and Portugal focus) we generate qualitative content in the most TOP media in all categories (lifestyle, general press, sports, technology, sector, …).


  • 143 total news published in won media (January-October)
  • 100% of them positive and favorable to and to the brand
  • 14,045,395 of audience
  • 643,015 € PR value