Release of LÍO Ibiza

Start point

LÍO is the clear reference of the worldwide success in hospitality and nightlife.
The most aspirational brand of the Pacha Group has been successful for 8 years without the knowledge and recognition of the media (they have never done anything) and faces an internationalization process (opening in London, Dubai, …)
They need to start appearing on the papers.

The briefing

After 8 years of successful international public influx, they are aware of the lack of recognition and impact on the media.
They ask us to help them generate content and qualitative impact in the media.

The idea

We focus the strategy of the plan on 4 fundamental aspects:

  • LiveLIO.Bring the experience to our target. It is the only way to discover the magic of the site.
  • Aspirationality. Generation of desire for participation and experience.
  • Segmentation. Approach only to the media and KOL TOP.
  • Business conceptualization. We focus on the three strategic communication areas of the Brand.
    • Gastronomy. Denocated so far. Terrible image during the previous 8 years.
    • Show: the best artists and performers in the world.
    • Club: the DJs who are going to set the trend on the Island of the DJs.

Through the development of a national and international communication plan (Spain Usa and UK focus) we generate qualitative content in the most TOP media in all categories (lifestyle, general press, TVs, …).


  • 240 total news published in won media (May-Agost)
  • 100% of them positive and favorable to and to the brand
  • 38,124,800 of audience
  • 2,990,228 € PR value