Corega - gsk

Launch of "Instituto de la segunda Juventud"

Start point

Corega, a leader in Spain in the category of dental prosthesis fixers, is losing share among the youngest consumer in the category. Younger consumers are abandoning the brand to go to their main consumer.

The briefing

Under the claim, “Live to the fullest,” the brand team asks us to work from PR, a communication platform that helps us reach younger consumers, provide content to the campaign (live to the fullest) and generate noise and social currency in terms of the brand and generate sales increase in this target.

Also, help generate WOM and improve awareness rates. and turn its performance into the market within the youngest consumer.

The idea

From a very powerful insight, the desire of this target to feel young and active, We develop the platform, “Institute of the Second Youth” through which we provide content to listen to the elderly and about everything, to make them participate in the brand’s actions from an active and aspirational perspective,
  • Creation of the platform, concept and creativity.
  • Development of the ATL and BTL communication campaign with activation in more than 1500 points of sale throughout Spain.
  • Generation of qualitative content in the media.
  • Activation generation and web traffic.


  • More than 250 impacts in the media.
  • Communication value of 3,789,765 €.
  • An audience of over 60 million.
  • A participation in the promotion of 5,000 consumers.
  • And more importantly, a 20% increase in sales in the activation period (6 months).