Launch of "Comparte un Medio"

Start point

Febe (Spanish Federation of Spirits) presents a need to seasonally adjust the context and moment of consumption of spirits in Spain.

The briefing

Under this need to create new moments of consumption, the creative idea “Share a medium” arises, a call to action through which we encourage the consumer and the channel (hospitality) to enjoy a new format of consumption that tries to seasonally adjust the moments of consumption of spirits and look for new moments through new formats and contexts such as appetizer, desktop and afterwork in order to compete with beer and vermouth that is now so fashionable.

The idea

To attack these moments of consumption, which are becoming more frequent (aperitif, desktop and afterwork) a new idea / format of consumption is proposed, El Medio. It is a very simple, easy and at the same time aspirational format and novel. Half cups. A consumer format that has not become popular because no brand has opted for it but that, all the consumer studies we have developed so indicate it. We propose in this public two PR plan key to the operation of the initiative:
  1. The traditional media.
  2. The channel, through an activation and incentive plan for the hotelier to implement and prescribe.


  • More than 100 press impacts only at launch
  • Advertising valuation of 350,000 €
  • A network of Influencers and opinion leaders focused on the campaign through the generation of viral videos and content for RRS
  • Routes in the best bars of Valencia Ambassadors of the initiative