El Palique

Mora-Figueroa Domecq

The starting point

Development of an innovation project for the development of the portfolio of the Mora Figueroa Domecq Company

The briefing

Opportunity in the market for the launch of a new brand in the vermouth category. Concept development, value proposition and marketing plan.

The idea

Value proposal development: product, brand concept and positioning creating a new vermouth with a differentiating competitive advantage. The only Vermouth with 3 references from different areas.

Development of the Operational Marketing Plan:

  • Communication plan
  • Digital communication plan
  • Development of creative territory
  • Business plan (sales volume to be achieved, price positioning, A&P investments)
  • Construction of the brand image to get engagement with the selected target
  • Identification of key areas to increase product distribution
  • Trade marketing plan
    • Hotel Action Plan
    • Visibility plan